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If you're doing this at the start of your trip you need to back up and go up the summer trail on the left hand side of the creek! :-)Cougar?Skiing up Mosquito Creek.Skiing up Mosquito Creek.Skiing up Mosquito Creek.Our objective comes into view. Isn't the weather horrible though? :-) For a "snow showers" day this is turning out pretty darn fine.After the camp site we started climbing steeper terrain through fairly open forest on a nice hard crust.We popped out of the trees slightly too high, but not by much! The trick is to contour around the treed bump on climber's left.Climbing out of the bowl. Ramp Peak is just visible over the ridge line.Approach tracks.We took a lunch break in the warm sunshine. Kevin regalled us with wild tales of his past... He's almost 50 you know!! :DWhat a glorious day!For Quartzite angle left, for Ramp either go straight up or contour around the bumps. We contoured.These slopes were probably the most hazardous. They are wind loaded but don't get much sun, which is a good thing.Ascending Ramp Peak.Ascending Ramp Peak.Ascending Ramp Peak.