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Pocaterra Ridge from the Grizzly Ridge Col.The window on Tyrwhitt.Pocaterra Ridge is perfectly framed through the infamous 'window' in the ridge to the summit of Tyrwhitt.Kev comes up to the summit on classic Rockies scree with Grizzly and Highwood Ridge in the background.Kev on Tyrwhitt's summit.Looking at the traverse to Pocaterra including significant height loss.Kev on an exposed section of ridge.There is some exposure off the ridge.There is some exposure off the ridge.Vern at the summit of PocaterraVern at the summit of PocaterraViews back over Highwood Pass towards Mount Rae (L) , Arethusa (C) and Storm (R).The terrain around the summit of Pocaterra on the west side of the mountain.Jon back at Tyrwhitt's summit.Descending from the Grizzly Ridge col.Views of Pocaterra Ridge as we descend.