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Looking up the south ridge of Titkana from just above Snowbird Pass.Resplendent is hidden in clouds to the left, Extinguisher Tower is much lower than Titkana just left of center at bottom.Looking over Snowbird Meadows.Lynx Mountain from near the false summit. This is NOT a scramble due to steep snow / ice slopes near the summit.More views over the Reef Icefield with Lynx on the far right.View ahead to the true summit from the false one - note the elevation loss.Looking over the Robson Glacier to Mount Robson.Looking back over the false summit at Lynx Mountain.Note the lake below? The Reef Icefield is pretty large and prevents an easy traverse to Chetang Ridge across from Tatei Ridge (Snowbird Peak).Lynx on the left with Resplendent, Extinguisher Tower, Robson, Helmet, Waffl, Rearguard, Whitehorn, Anne-Alice, Mumm and Chetang RidgeLooking over the Reef Icefield to Mount Fitzwilliam in the distance.Looking over the Reef Icefield to Mount Fitzwilliam in the distance.An unnamed summit directly across from Titkana Peak to the east.Looking northeast off the summit towards Calumet Peak on the right.I love the colors in this landscape, looking north off Titkana.Swoda Mountain.I climbed Mumm Peak the following day. Gendarme Mountain just 'peaking' over it's summit shoulder.Mount Anne-Alice isn't particularly difficult but does look to have a summit ice field which should probably mean roping up with more than one person.