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Finally up the first hill from the Sunshine Village and looking over the expansive Sunshine Meadows.Looking back towards the resort as I start my trek.Looking across the meadows. The route eventually climbs the shoulder directly above the foreground trail that comes off of Quartz Hill which is buried in clouds at right.I was sweating already, early in the day. It was also raining on me intermittently as you can see from the water drops on the lens.Sublime views over Howard Douglas Lake towards Citadel Peak. The pass is just left of the peak with Fatigue Mountain hidden in clouds to the left of that.At Citadel Pass with Citadel Peak rising above.An intense larch forest as I work my way around the dried up tarn and towards the south end of Fatigue Mountain and an outlier of Golden Mountain.Looking down the tight valley running south of Citadel Pass and west of Golden Mountain down to the Simpson River and Golden Valley - about 3km from here.The entire slope was rotor tilled by a bear - and by the damage done, I would guess a pretty darn big one!One of the highlights of the Sunshine approach is this section of about 1-2km where the trail cuts across a very steep, grassy slope high above the Simpson River (R) along the SW slopes of Golden MounThe trail contours around Golden Mountain heading southeast until is plunges south directly into Golden Valley below.Entering Golden Valley on a good trail that is obviously well maintained.Interesting terrain in Golden Valley.The trail branches to Police Meadows (L), running along the Simpson River and coming up from Porcupine Campground.