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The approach gully finally comes into view after many kilometers of moving already.Lovely Ribbon Falls is a nice diversion. From here it's a helluva grunt to climber's right.The approach gully is fairly steep and exposed but is still moderate if you don't stray off route. I went left then right then left then right.Looking back at the hiking route to Ribbon Lake and the upper part of Ribbon Falls going down the headwall.I trended to the right through this next section of the approach gully.The morning was gorgeous - I was just a bit too tired from thousands of feet of scrambling and tens of kilometers of hikingTopping out at the gorgeous upper hanging valley with Bogart rising in the distance at left.Another glance back at Mount Kidd South.The perfect spot to whittle away a warm afternoon... But there's a PEAK to be bagged!!Glancing at the impressive line of cliffs to the SW of Bogart and a small tarn - Bogart Lake?Very respectable views off the south face of Bogart over my approach route towards South Kidd (L).This is a seriously fore-shortened scree slope! I have a long slog to go yet.Higher views, near the summit now looking back over familiar peaks including, Fortress, Galatea, Tower, Engadine and others.Nearing the summit.Mount Buller with Eon, Aye and Assiniboine.