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A wet trail to the first lake.At the first lake the trail follows the lake shore closely.A wild stream at the inlet to the first lake.After the first lake we arrive at a much smaller lake - presumably the "second" lake.The terrain to the waterfall draining the third lake is already less traveled than around the first lake.Looking back along the 2nd Geraldine Lake.Avalanche debris has been cleared up to the second lake. From there you're on your own!Heading up beside the large waterfall draining the 3rd Geraldine Lake.Looking back over the 1st from near the 3rd Geraldine Lake.Looking along the 3rd Geraldine Lake, you can see rain drops on the water surface which made the rock-hopping very treacherousLooking back over the 3rd Geraldine Lake with Geraldine Peak rising on the left.This might have been fun for about 5 minutes. I sucked after that though. Note the cairn in the foreground.Heading up wilder terrain to the fourth lake.Thank goodness there's a trail in this stuff!Thank goodness there's a trail in this stuff!