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A large Canadian Lynx watches me from across the North Saskatchewan River.The hunter goes back to doing his thing, so I go back to doing mine...A gorgeous evening drive up hwy 93, this is from a rest stop above the Big Bend, looking back south. Cirrus at left.Ben hikes the wide trail to Kinney Lake as we get our first views of Resplendent Mountain at upper right. Robson at left, obviously.'Skiing' beside the Robson River.Essential skillz for spring ski trips include navigating through dead fall with no snow. ;)Maybe skinning across Kinney Lake isn't a great idea. Maybe if we go fast enough?Reluctantly hiking with the skis on our packs again, around Kinney Lake.Perfect camping weather and no campers at Kinney!At least we avoided part of the rolling trail (out of sight at right) by short cutting across the Kinney Lake flats at the NW end of the lake before the Whitehorn Hill.Mike grunts his way up a VERY dry Whitehorn Hill.The trail to the Whitehorn campground is nice. And dry.Crossing the cable bridge over the Robson River, just before the Whitehorn campground.The skis are back on! Ben skins along the Robson River on route to the Emperor Hill just ahead to the right.Clear, cold, refreshing. The Robson River.Ben really wants to keep the snow sticks on!Starting the steep grunt up the Emperor Hill on very marginal snow.Even Ben has to give up at some point! Skis are once again being carried...Curly Phillips was paid something like $50/mile to build the trail to Berg Lake and constructed his famous "flying trestle" somewhere near this spotOne of my favorite sections of the approach to Berg Lake is this section of trail up the Emperor Hill.