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Pano from nearby the Engadine Lodge on our way to the Mount Shark trailhead.The road is kind of boring, but we had good conversation and fall colors to entertain us.KC hiking in the rain. She likes it for some reason.Fall Detritus.View from the bridge across the Spray River, our trail goes up the right hand side.Into the wild...Hiking along the Spray River.Hiking along the Spray River.Hiking along the Spray River.We've now branched off the shared trail and have followed a sign indicating the hiking trail goes up the river, while the horse trail crosses it just behind us.The very freshly cut hiking trail that takes a high line along the creek, presumably to get around 2013 flooding damage.Bridges have recently been installed on the new bypass.Clear, refreshing waters of the Spray River.Mount Currie rises over the Spray River.That's a mighty big bruin and we've been following it for long time already. Mighty fresh too...Shortly ahead of us here, before the end of the meadow, is the signed turnoff for White Man Pass which goes off to our right.The Spray River.Mount Leman is obvious with it's small remnant pocket glacier in the far distance.