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Phil makes his way back along the ledge with our second peak visible at center.This slope cannot slide when you're on it - the consequences are high here thanks to a cliff below.Exiting the crux gully before descending the short, easy gully to Phil's right.Exiting the crux gully before descending the short, easy gully to Phil's right.Looking back up the moderate (short) crux gully.Approaching the col with Fallen Peak looming above us roughly 250 vertical meters.Looking back at Kink Peak from the col.Starting up the north ridge of Fallen.Phil will likely show up on the next Google Maps with that orange jacket!Note the straight cutlines vanishing off to the east.The true summit is only a short distance from the false one. Thank goodness.Nice late afternoon lighting as we grind up to the summit of Fallen Peak.Nice summit views north and west to Kink, Waiparous, Davidson, Astral and Castle Rock (R to L).This is looking south at two more summits of Sheep Meadow Mountain.It doesn't look like it from this angle, but Kink Peak is higher than the peak at center left.Kink Peak.Looking over two more sub peaks of Fallen Peak towards Black Rock in the distance.Looking over Waiparous Creek towards Orient Point (L), Phantom Crag, Saddle Peak and Devil's Head (R).