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Going up the trail to Ha Ling you can spot the three miners straight ahead. Miner's Peak is just to climber's left of the three miners.Goatview Peak.Looking back at the route up to Ha Ling's summit as I cut over to Miner's Peak. EEOR in the background.Ha Ling.Going up to the miners.Another look back at Ha Ling from the traverse up to Miners Peak.Views over the town of Canmore.Ha Ling with Rundle behind.A view of the Bow Corridor looking east from the summit of Miners Peak.Vern on the summit.The trails up to the summit of Ha Ling are far more often traveled than the trail up to Miners Peak.Looking past Ha Ling's steep face.Traversing to Ha Ling.Looking back at the Miners.Views from Ha Ling over Canmore.Vern on the summit of Ha Ling.Views from Ha Ling down the Bow Corridor.