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You can see from the sn'ice on the road that it's going to be fast.The trail starts steep from the parking lot - and then you lose most of that height to the creek. Really fun on the way back.Looking at the hill back down to the creek. It was so icy on the way back that I managed to get halfway back up this hill and pole almost to the topIt's a lovely, lovely morning. Not a lot of snow, but the packed sn'ice on the trail will last for a few more warm cycles before giving up.There's much more snow higher up - especially when the trees get thicker. This was not easy skiing back down!As the trail approached the pass it got steeper. This is looking back at Prairie Mountain.At the pass.At the pass, the 'bump' on the left.Going around the bump sucked.Around the bump, looking ahead to Powderface Ridge. I managed to find enough snow on climber's left to ski almost to the top.Looking back at 'the bump' with a person on it.Zoomed out view from the same location as the previous shot.Pano looking south and west includes Cornwall, Glasgow, Remus, Romulus and Nihahi Ridge.