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Mount Northover gets some alpine glow.Perfect hard snow for snowshoeing in the west gully.Looking up the gully to the summit.Below the upper bowl the terrain already starts to steepen.A nice morning panorama with Cordonnier, Warrior, Northover and Lyautey from L to R.Looking up the avy debris at our ascent slope.Should be wearing crampons now.Ben comes up the last little bit of snow to the ridge - a bit too steep for 'shoes but he makes it.Ben comes up the ridge with a great panorama of summits behind him. There's fantastic exposure on the ridge too.Ben walks the last bit of corniced ridge to the summit.Vern stands on his 400th summit with his 399th (Joffre) rising in the background.Summits include Foch, Petain, Joffre, Mangin, Cordonnier and Warrior (L to R).Joffre, Mangin, Cordonnier, Warrior, Royal Group, Onslow, Defender, Northover, Assiniboine, Beatty, Lyautey, SarrailMount Joffre poking up over it's false north summit and Mangin with the Mangin Glacier and our tracks upOnslow, Defender, Northover and Lyautey in the foreground with the Royal Group, Assiniboine and Sir Douglas at distance.Cordonnier at left with Mount Warrior sitting under the Mount King George at right.Sir Douglas at left with Robertson at right.King George is on my hit list for sure. This is the face that I will traverse from R to L before going to the summit.To the right of King George is Prince Albert, Prince Henry, Prince John and Queen Mary. Prince George sits in front of King George and is barely visible here.