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Passing around the lake in the upper valley.The morning starts clear and fresh.Howard Douglas Lake.Howard Douglas Lake.From near Citadel Pass, looking over Citadel Lake towards the Ball Range with The Monarch and Quartz Hill on the right.Assiniboine Lake.Assiniboine Lake.Assiniboine Lake.Kev comes up behind me as we leave Assiniboine Lake.Assiniboine Lake is gorgeous! We have to go around on climber's right and then up the large scree slope up to the right side of the photo on lighter scree.An old cabin sits along the shores of Aurora Lake - the views from it aren't too shabby! Aurora at left and Alcantara in the distance.Great views towards Sunburst Peak with Octopus Mountain in the distance at right and Lake Magog in the foreground.Great views of Sunburst Peak and Sunburst Lake.A great view of Mount Assiniboine and Sunburst Peak from the shoreline of Cerulean Lake.Views off the summit ridge of Fatigue Mountain.Views off the summit of Fatigue Mountain.The small unnamed tarns just south of us were beautiful shades of green / blue. Game Lake is just downstream here and this is the Nestor Creek drainage.Nestor Lake is a real backcountry gem.Some of the nicest views of my trip, looking over Lake Magog towards Naiset Point, Terrapin, Magog and Assiniboine (L to R).