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Phil shrugs into his overnight pack with Brussilof and its outliers looming over us.We enjoyed a very brief "trail" in the scrub just climber's left of the creek at the bottom of the old clear-cut.A glorious day to be bushwhacking up a clear-cut! Aye and Eon at center and right behind us.Although the bush was medium-bad in spots, overall I didn't find it too awful on ascent. On the other hand I was comparing it to Nestor Peak, so that's not fair. For most people the bush is going to bThe bush calms down a bit near the first headwall.A lovely alpine bowl above the first lake with an outlier of Brussilof looming above and a waterfall plunging over the headwall guarding the head of the valley.An interesting puddle that seems to be fairly permanent despite it's diminutive size, the Matt's also stumbled past it.Wild hiking in a pristine backcountry setting in the Rockies. What could be better than this? Not much. Well, maybe not having a migraine would be nice.We went climber's left on approach, hugging cliff bands coming off of Alcantara to avoid some of the bushwhacking. This sort of worked and sort of didn't. You can only avoid so much inconvenience on tLooking for the next break with Brussilof high above.The interesting - and wet - break through the cliff bands that generate the nice waterfall and guard the upper bowls between Alcantara and Brussilof.Looking back as Phil crests the cliff band. Note the first lake visible behind us here.Looking up just one of the "easy" ascent gullies on Alcantara's SW face. This one would suck a bit because of the avy debris that we are now experiencing.This sort of shenanigan is getting way too familiar for us. Time to start bagging Kane peaks again?!The first place we were seriously tempted to set up camp. I think Rick's party camped here. Alcantara rising in the distance with Brussilof behind at upper right. We kept going.Phil marches on towards the back of the bowl - you can see at least two or three more headwalls in front of us yet.There's a good argument to be made that we should have camped here. This was a lovely meadow with a pretty good water source. But we pushed on.