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Not terrible bushwhacking by any means, but certainly not the trails and open terrain we just had on Prairie Bluff earlier in the day either.I love these plants - there were some huge ones on our way up Backus.We were happy to find some more open slopes between stints in the bush. Syncline in the background, right of center.At least we could see through the trees.Descending the intervening ridge before getting to the south slopes leading up to the summit.Gorgeous wildflowers kept us somewhat distracted from the bushwhacking.Finally higher than the intervening ridge.We start getting views (and more motivation). Table Mountain at left, Haig and Syncline in the distance just right of center.Gravenstafel at far left, St. Eloi and Syncline to the right.ScorpionweedBush and low shrubs make this a poor choice of peaks for wearing shorts.Some sections were worse than others.Nearing the upper ridge, we gained extra height on several 'bumps' along the way including the one at left here.On the summit ridge now with excellent views back to the south and west.Niko heads to the summit.KC comes up to the summit.This elk carcass near the summit made us nervous about possible territorial predators hanging around the area.Death meets a beautiful view in the background in this view from near the summit.Hillcrest and the Blairemore Ranges at left and Prairie Bluff, Victoria Peak, Gladstone and Table Mountain at right.Kaycie and Niko on the summit of Mount Backus.