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Looking down the Icefall Brook Valley from the rocky ridge near the Lyell Hut.Vern enjoying the rock chair above the Lyell Hut and some mighty fine views.Views of the tiny Lyell Hut.View of the biffy, Lyell Hut and east towards the Lyell Icefield.The hut is neat and organized. 12 people would be tight though!The view from the kitchen window ain't too shabby either.The 5.3 climb to the bunks is interesting... ;)I love the biffy's bright red door. There's no window - so either bring a headlamp or keep that nice red door open while you're doing your business!Descending in much different conditions!A dreary end to a fantastic trip.Exiting to the Icefall Brook high-line traverse.The ice cave from our ascent is now completely surrounded by ice instead of snow.Our pace wasn't slow on exit but the views were still pretty good!Much more blue ice visible now. You can see the slabby terrain below, that should be avoided as much as possible.Spot the goats?Entering the world of the living again.The weather is really starting to close in as we get near the traverse bench.