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Phil heads down the Helen Creek trail to our first water crossing of the day - across Helen Creek.I forgot how rustic this approach to Dolomite Pass is.Helen Creek pours over a ledge and cascades into a pool below as we ascend steeply beside it.Great views already looking south off Helen Ridge. Dolomite at left with Hector, Bow Peak and Crowfoot to the right.The lovely environs of Lake Katherine with Cirque Peak at far right.A small tarn just past Lake Katherine.Continuing our descent along Dolomite Creek. Quill in the far distance with Bobac at upper right.The Dolomite Trail is a beauty. Looking back towards Dolomite as we continue our descent.Done with losing height along Dolomite Creek, looking back at Phil with Dolomite in the distance.Looking back over our approach valley - note the wildflower carpet in the foreground.Cutting around a shoulder to gain the Lake Alice outflow stream which we'll follow to our right to gain the lake.The pond below drains the outflow from Lake Alice into the ground where the stream disappears before finally draining out of the hillside into Dolomite Creek far belowThe sun makes it hard to spot but Watermelon Peak rises in the distance at right, Bobac at left.