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We hiked along Silverhorn Creek for about 15 minutes before cutting up to climber's left. You can only avoid the steep elevation gain so long!There is no trail through the forest - only smatterings of animal routes.Looking down at Wietse coming up the break in the cliffs.Indian PaintbrushYellow Columbine seem to easily cross pollinate with purple AstersA panorama looking back over hwy 93. Mistaya Lake at left, Waterfowl Lakes at right.Wietse crosses a low ridge into the access scree gully.Obviously no easy route through the curtain wall ahead, we contoured left just ahead before proceeding to the summit at upper left.The summit rises far above - we cut left here.Looking left of the previous photo, Wietse is gaining height on loose scree to the upper mountain - he will soon traverse back to the right.Looking back down our route - Patterson in the bg.It's a steep scree grunt!Following cairns as we work our way climber's left above the curtain wall to the summit.The terrain is loose so caution is encouraged with large groups. Wietse comes up behind me now.Finally the route to the summit comes into view at left.Taking advantage of snow patches - a nice break from scree.Views over Waterfowl and Chephren Lakes. Bison rising at far right.Views back towards Patterson.Does this pile of rubble ever end?! :)The snowy / icy crux isn't too bad - just slightly awkward.