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Galwey from Coppermine Creek parking lot and starting point for the scramble.Views towards Mount Crandell in the early morning light.Ruby Ridge is behind us.Summit from the ridge.Summit from the ridge.Getting higher, looking over Bellevue Hill.Getting higher, looking over Bellevue Hill.Looking up at the summit block.This is not the right way. Most exposed 'scrambling' I'd ever done.We are on the wrong side of the summit here.Views over Lakeview Ridge.Getting back on track.Getting back on track.Views towards Dunwey Peak.Looking past Crandell (R) towards Waterton Lakes and Vimy Ridge.Ruby Ridge with Blakiston rising into the clouds at center.Crandell (L) to Blakiston (C) and Dungarvon hidden in clouds (R).Lakeview Ridge is very green.Vern on the summit of Galwey.Terrain around the Kane crux.