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A wonderful view of Gibraltar Rock at left and Beersheba / Allenby at right.Assiniboine Meadows from near Ely's Dome towards Wonder Peak at left, Lake Magog at center and Cautley Peak at right.Telephoto looking towards Mount Shark and Birdwood in Kananaskis Country.Marvel Lake with Mount Turner and Morrison at left, Marvel directly across the lake and Aurora, Gloria, Eon, Aye and Wonder to the right.Cautley and Gibraltar Rock at left, Beersheba and Allenby at center and what I thought might be Cascade Rock at right.Pretty good views over Gog Lake (L) and Lake Magog past Sunburst Peaks (L) towards Indian Peak.Marvel Peak with Aurora, Soderholm, Border (R) in the bg.Aurora Mountain doesn't look easy from here.Marvel Peak in the foreground at right with Currie in the background.Looking towards Turner (C) and Morrison (R) with Tent Ridge, Shark, Smuts and Birdwood in the distance beyond.Pano of the east ridge at my turn-around point due to another exposed, snowy, icy drop-off. Cautley on the left and Marvel Lake on the right.Not worth it today... Looking down the drop-off that turned me around on the east ridge.Eon is buried in clouds.Looking across Marvel Lake towards Aurora (L) and Alcantara (R) in the distance.Looking north past Gibraltar Rock with part of Cave Mountain, Beersheba and Allenby to the right.Telephoto towards Indian Peak over Gog, Magog, Sunburst and Cerulean Lakes.Tent Ridge over Watridge Lake.Panorama of the Assiniboine Meadows area looking towards Nub Peak (C) with Citadel and Fatigue in the distance and Cautley at right.The larch island on Marvel Peak.Brussilof (L) and Alcantara (C) rise over Marvel Pass and Mount Gloria (R).