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It was bloody cold down at the lake shore. Rawson Lake Ridge is straight ahead, up the treed ridge in front of Mount Sarrail.Mount Sarrail rises impressively at the far end. Rawson Ridge is out of sight to the right, South Rawson Ridge is on the left.In the trees, the track was easily visible and made a huge difference, giving me a semi-solid base to walk on.Views north and east off the ridge from near tree line.The ridge gets fairly steep once you start breaking tree line. I also lost the track here...Upper Kananaskis Lake is directly below with Lower in the distance. Mount Indefatigable directly across the Upper Lake.Sarrail, Hidden Lake, Nomad, Invincible, Indefatigable, the Opal Range and the Turret at far right with Fox rising beyond.An outlier of Mount Lyautey rises steeply above Hidden Lake - the access to the Aster Lake region goes past this lake.Mount Lyautey in the distance.Looking over Upper Kananaskis Lake towards Warspite, Nomad, Invincible and Indefatigable.Mount Indefatigable was among my first scrambles - a fond memory.Looking over Lower Kananaskis Lake towards the Opal Range including Packenham, Hood, Brock, Blane and others.I did The Turret in the late fall of 2014 and enjoyed stunning views from it as well.Mount Rae rises over Pocaterra Ridge to the east.Wintour, Tombstone, Gap and Elpoca.The impressive walls of Mount Sarrail.The NE face of Sarrail.The summer route comes up from the lower left, Sarrail's east and northeast faces rise steeply above.The views are no worse as I start my descent down the ridge.