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Looking back at Fatigue Pass with Fatigue Mountain at left and Golden Mountain at right.Looking back over a Grizzly digging towards Phil as we start our traverse to Quartz. Citadel Peak catching some morning lighting behind us.Quartz Hill at distant left with the peak at upper right in clouds.Looking over the saddle as we start up the scree grind to the south ridge.Phil grinds his way up the fourth summit in 24 hours. Quartz Hill at distance center here.There was very little wind and the hiking on the south ridge was very pleasant. We both commented that this was the best hiking we'd had on any of the four peaks of the weekend.Great scenes down the east face, up to the summit (L) and back south towards Fatigue Mountain (R) before we enter the clouds.Sheep trails and the beautiful hidden little lake.Entering the clouds, looking over the two lakes. The one at left is as bright as a mirror, reflecting the morning sun.The trip takes on a dreamy quality.The only real scrambling on Quartz is avoidable on climber's left but this is easy and fun so why avoid it, especially on ascent?Approaching the first false summit.Traversing from the first false summit to what we thought was the true summit block. The true summit requires dropping down a bit to the right here and going just a bit further before ascending back lSensing a heckuva drop on the left here as we approach our "summit".Phil continues along the ridge from our high point just to make sure we're on the highest point. He couldn't see 25m ahead of him or he'd have known we had a few more meters to go!Phil on our summit. It certainly felt very exposed - the huge openness to the left pulled at us as we stood there.Looking back at our summit as we retreat along the ridge.The massively exposed cleft just beneath the first false summit.The two lovely tarns sit just east of the Quartz (L) and Fatigue (R) col.