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Compared with a week earlier, this is looking quite wintry.I didn't notice the small sign at right last week. Apparently this is part of the Great Divide Trail.It's small but clear.Looking back at my tire tracks alongside the bear tracks. We went the same direction for quite a while before the bear turned off the road.Still sharing the road with the bear as I look back.This is where the bear tracks continued up the road and I went left up the steeper, smaller road.The snow slowly gets deeper and deeper the higher I go.Still pushing upwards, looking back.I've left the bike at this point but am still following a fairly fresh set of boot prints.I've left the bike at this point but am still following a fairly fresh set of boot prints.Moody atmosphere above the burn area.Now it's really starting to feel like winter! I guess the hiking and scrambling season is officially over for the year.Interesting that this the sign they have to post near the summit! NO SHOOTING implies that people were regularly shooting here before?Decent views looking east towards Turtle Mountain with the road continuing up the ridge to the lookout at right.The storm clouds are building in this nice view towards the front ranges - Turtle Mountain at right and Bluff Mountain at left.More interesting views of the matchstick forest as I continue up the road to the Ironstone Lookout. Mount McLaren visible right of center in the distance.The height gain on this little hike sneaks up on you, especially with fresh snow!Dramatic views south off the ridge.Nice dramatic lighting over the pass.