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Fall photo from Canmore.We drove from Canmore via the Spray Lakes road and enjoyed these sublime views around Tent Ridge (r) with Commonwealth Ridge at left.More great views of the fall colors and Smuts Creek.A very popular hike, this is starting down the trail near the parking lot at Highwood Pass.The trail is obvious.Fall colors were out in full force.Pocaterra Cirque with the ridge at center and Mount Pocaterra in the background.Note the tiny figures on the summit of Pocaterra Ridge.Another panorama of Pocaterra Ridge.Fall colors.Some sections of the approach trail are surprisingly bushy.A tarn on the approach with Rae at left and Arethusa at right in the background.Pocaterra Creek runs towards Highwood Pass.Looking down from the ascent slopes of Pocaterra Ridge. From right to left, Tyrwhitt, Grizzly Ridge, Highwood Ridge, Storm, Little Arethusa.Hanneke at the summit ridge of Pocaterra Ridge with Tyrwhitt in the background at left.Looking down the ridge to the north and east with Pocaterra at left. Gap at center, Rae, Arethusa and Storm at right.Looking across the Highwood Pass at Rae, Arethusa, Storm, Highwood Ridge, Grizzly Ridge and Tyrwhitt (l to r).Hanneke and Vern on the summit of Pocaterra Ridge.Looking down Little Highwood Pass.Incredible lighting on the lower Pocaterra Cirque valley and our approach.