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Looking back at our traverse from the third lake (right distance) in the early morning smokey atmosphere in the McConnell meadow.Looking up valley with our approach drainage at center and McConnell rising to the right in the distance.All vegetation is now behind me as I venture into the upper bowl beneath McConnell.The easy lower scree slopes of McConnell come into view at center and right as we progress into the bowl.Phil approaches the bowl behind me with Mount Drummond rising in the background.We managed to find some quick and relatively solid slabs lower down before the scree became interminable.This section was a grunt! But the views started to open up which helped lessen some of the pain.This is a good view of the scree slog on McConnell! Also, the views are opening up behind us including Mount Drummond's huge massif and even Mount Hector barely visible through the smoke at center rigThe impressive Mount Drummond with the lower and middle McConnell lakes visible.Still a ways to go - and the summit block doesn't look that easy from here yet either.Nearing the west ridge now with Cataract Peak looming at left.Phil scrambles up the last few feet to the summit of Mount McConnell! All three of the McConnell lakes in the background.Yet another sopping wet summit register. At least Rick used a pen which made his entry easier to read and document.McConnell Creek Valley which is north of the peak and not the valley we used for approach. Visible peaks include Hector, Cataract, Deluc (Three Brothers), Dip Slope, Snort, Bleat, Boar Station and ProTwo unnamed tarns sit north of McConnell. Snort and Bleat peak in the bg.Phil and I ascended Cataract Peak in another marathon day in 2016. McConnell makes Cataract feel like a front range peak!"Little" Cataract Peak is still 10,400 feet high!Deluc (Three Brothers) Peak is also over 10,400 feet high. Mount Willingdon buried in the smoke somewhere at distant right.Crown and Tower at left with Dip Slope at foreground right and part of Mount Harris at distant right.Mount Harris barely visible at distant left with Snort (L) and Bleat (R) Peaks sitting directly north of McConnell.