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We parked right at the trailhead, but a safer option is likely further east at the pull-out just visible here behind us.Lots of snow already down low in the forest, but a good track to follow. Unfortunately it wasn't a 'shoe track so it was a bit narrow.Nearing treeline the track disappeared for a bit - likely due to hunters chasing game. We could see where to go at this point, so no biggie. Nameless at right here.The tracks join the route again. I think hunters made them as they didn't use poles and were wearing boots.A glorious February day. Except it's early October.Looking back from higher up with Odlum Ridge in the background.No more tracks from the col! Wietse breaks trail up to the summit.Yes, we drove longer than we hiked, but views like this towards Mist Mountain made that driving worth it. (Plus Bill drove - I didn't!)The 'shoes were worth it big time as we ascended - the snow was deep and wind loaded in spots and bottomless in others.This is the easiest way to tag the mountain, especially compared to the route I took back in 2008.We avoided the worst wind loading by venturing out on the south side of the ascent slopes.Incredible conditions as we cross a wind blasted section on ascent.Views east (L) and south (R) off the summit include Mist Ridge (L) and Odlum Ridge (R).My favorite views of the day were south along the ridge which afforded larch forests at left and in the distance on Odlum Ridge. The Lineham Peaks and Picklejar Lakes are at mid-left.