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Looking south along Lys Ridge from just under the summit of West Castle. The intermediate summits visible here are not official.Bypassing the summit of WCII to save time and energy on the snow / ice covered terrain.The weather is perfect but the colorful traverse is mostly covered in drab-white thanks to the snow.Great views east and south off the ridge, looking over the Castle River Valley.Looking back at West Castle (C) and West Castle II (R).It appears to be complicated terrain, but it's not that bad when you get closer.Looking towards Tombstone (C) and Haig (R).The steepest section of ridge before the cliff band isn't nearly as fierce as it looks from afar.Shortcutting any section of the ridge that's possible.Working our way up a narrower section of ridge to the high point before the cliff band.Interesting terrain.Interesting terrain.Looking over a perfect little bivy spot towards Gladstone, Castle, Windsor, Pincher Ridge and Loaf Mountain (L to R).There was about a 6 foot down climb through the cliff band - moderate scrambling and a bit awkward with a pack.Looking back along the cliff band - we approached from the left, on top of it. I'm not sure how low you'd have to go to completely avoid it but pretty low.Phil finishes up the moderate scramble over the colorful cliff band. The 2km long summit plateau at left.The cliff band is colorful and holds some very interesting rock formations.Looking back along our snowy track towards the cliff band. You can see here that you have to go pretty low to completely avoid it.Phil charges on towards the summit plateau (summit not visible here yet).