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The iconic view of Lake Louise with Lefroy, Victoria, Devil's Thumb, Whyte and the Beehive (L to R) visible.Looking across Lake Louise from the Lake Agnes trail towards Mount Fairview.The Beehive is impressive from the trail - when you can see it.The Beehive and a waterfall coming down from Lake Agnes, just before turning up stairs to the lake.Stairs lead up steep cliffs just below Lake Agnes.Serene Lake Agnes with Devil's Thumb (L) and Whyte (C) in the distance.The trail around Lake Agnes is very well traveled and leads up scree to the Beehive col visible at center left.Looking back down Lake Agnes (teahouse and Little Beehive at right) with Niblock at upper left and St. Piran at center.The steep trail to the col has many switchbacks.The fallen tree tries to block the trail to the Devil's Thumb - but it's not very effective. :)The crux from the bottom.Looking down the crux - could be problematic for those afraid of heights or small children / dogs.Views are opening up behind me including Beehive, Lake Louise and Fairview (L to R).It's the views in front of me that are really impressive on this part of the hike! Aberdeen, The Mitre, Lefroy and Victoria (L to R) visible here.The steep hard packed slopes to the col are not very fun. I recommend crossing this slope further left and going up the slope where there's more vegetation and less mud / clay.From the col, looking up to the summit. Low cliff bands can either be ascended directly or avoided on climber's right.Sublime views as I crest the summit (L) include Lake Louise, Fairview, Temple, Haddo, Aberdeen, The Mitre, Lefroy, Victoria and Mount Whyte (L to R).