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The creek was dramatically impacted by the 2013 floods - it used to be barely visible in the trees!Some debris is stuck in the creekbed, but for the most part it is surprisingly free of it.It's not looking great at this point yet - low thick clouds and even fresh snow up high.Looking back as the clouds slowly start to clear over Spray Lakes.The split in the creek up ahead, take the climber's right bank of the left branch.The creek is fun terrain to explore and full of huge boulders.Looking up the left branch.A bit higher up the left branch, this scree is loose and a PITA - best bet is to head climber's right once you're close to treeline to avoid slabsHey - at least we're in t-shirts now! Note the huge carving act from the floods to the right?The table top rock that Bob mentions. You may be tempted to grovel up the deep gully to our left but I would strongly advise against this.More clearing over Spray Lakes - just visible here.Working our way up on snow - it melted before we got back to the car.Alpine Buttercup.The clouds start to roll in on us near the col, coming up from the Canmore side.