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A spider web along the trail with morning dew.A nice waterfall along North Ribbon Creek. The viewpoint for these falls is exposed so hang onto your kids / dogs here!Crossing one of the streams that comes down from Wind Mountain (Lougheed) as we work our way to the first Memorial Lake.Bogart Tower looms over the first lake - note the waterfalls coming down from the third  Memorial Lake in the background.Another shot of the first lake.Interesting trail up to the second Memorial Lake.Interesting trail up to the second Memorial Lake.Columbine with the second lake in the bg. There are tons of wild flowers along this hike.The lovely green waters of the second lake with part of Wind Mountain rising dramatically in the background.Now the views are getting great! Looking back down on the second Memorial Lake with Wind Mountain rising to the left.The trail is almost indistinct here (lower right) but does exist. The third Memorial Lake is above the headwall just ahead.Looking down towards the second Lake approach from the headwall to the third.A great view of Bogart Tower from the top of the headwall.Ribbon Peak (L) is accessed from this scree bowl via cliffs at center. As you can see, this is beyond hiking... :)Wind Mountain at far left, Bogart Tower left of the lake and Ribbon Peak looming above on the right.We traversed this bench to the back of the scree bowl and bottom of the headwall.A view back towards Bogart Tower and the third lake from our descent of Ribbon Peak.Bogart Tower (L) and the third Memorial Lake. If you have the time and energy, it's worth hiking up scree beyond and above the lake for views like this.