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Descending a snow bank between Little Hector and Andromache.Wietse grunts up Andromache's south rubble slope with Little Hector rising dramatically behind him.Hiking up Unnamed with Hector and Little Hector in the background.Hiking up Unnamed with Hector and Little Hector in the background.Vern with Hector and Little Hector (R).Mount Hector and Little Hector.Puzzle (OXO), Bobac and Watermelon Peak (R).Wietse is getting tired on this HOT summer day. Maybe two peaks was pushing it a bit!The summit ridge of Andromache.Sublime views of Mount Hector and Little Hector.Cataract Peak looms over Molar Creek meadows.More views to the north over Noseeum's ridge towards  OXO, Bobac and Watermelon Mountains.Vern on the summit of Andromache.Vern and Wietse on the summit of Andromache.Wietse comes down the interesting ridge.Wietse comes down the interesting ridge.Looking down a mild looking ridge to Noseeum Creek that is actually hellish concrete-hard scree!Looking to Noseeum Mountain, Dolomite and OXO at distant left.Looking back up the innocent looking ridge.