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Bridge is directly ahead with Elliot Peak at right. Landslide, Two O'Clock and Whirlpool Ridge at left.In what would become a tiresome theme for another 12 hours or so, Mike grinds his way up an intervening bump between Ernest Ross and Bridge Peak.Every once in a while we could lob off a few extra meters by side-hilling, but this was the exception rather than the normNice colors and form of Elliot Peak lying to the north of the ridge.Interesting colors on the ridge to Bridge.Interesting colors on the ridge to Bridge.Looking back along the ridge to Ernest Ross.A red-streaked canyon plunges down towards Bridge Creek far below.Mike takes in the east face of Bridge Peak.Grinding up our second mountain of the day.Two O'Clock Ridge and Whirlpool Ridge at distant center and right.Steep and loose - another theme for the day.The massive summit cornice wasn't an issue for mighty Mike.Checking out the south summit first (we dropped our packs beforehand) involved losing a bit of height along the ridge.Landslide Peak, Mount Cline and the White Goat Peaks.Looking west (L), north from the south summit of Bridge Peak. The Cline River Valley at center distance.