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The trail starts off wide and extremely bike-friendly.The first clearing after getting on the Bluerock Trail - it's worth taking a bike even just this far IMHO. From here the trail drops down to Bluerock CreekThe trail is muddy and steep down to the creek.Bluerock Creek is fairly benign, which is probably why there's no bridge here anymore.After working my way up several hundred vertical meters on the south ridge of Bluerock, I was greeted by wonderful morning views like this.A great trail to follow on the ridge.A campsite along the ridge.Daffern mentions this glade with flowers and she's right! There's a ton of them growing here.The end of the Bluerock hiking trail. From here you can follow the trail to the right and loop to trails around Gorge Creek.Lovely alpine flowers are out in full bloom everywhere on this approach hike.Looking back along the approach ridge coming from the left, with Mount Burns at right.It's a bit of a scree grunt up Ram Mountain.Excellent views off the climb up to the summit of Ram Mountain - including Mount Ware at center left.