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I stopped to snap some photos of this moose and the morning glow on on a nearby peak.The moose crosses the road without giving me too much attention.At least I got a great sunrise out of the gloomy skies.Sunrise on Invincible.The approach trail is quite obvious.A grey morning as we approach the first lake. The moderate scramble route goes straight up the slope in the background.Working our way above the lake.A small waterfall coming off Mount Inflexible.Looking back at our ascent route and the lake from just above the headwall cliff band. The cliff is to the left of this photo.The moderate route goes up the slopes at left. We contoured around this on climber's right before heading up easy slopes.Looking towards the back of the approach valley. The moderate route is out of sight to the left.Looking back at our approach as we start the final slog to the summit.Looking back at Wietse as we climb up the final 600 vertical meters. Mount Inflexible in the background.Still a ways to go. The summit is hidden in clouds - the route goes right up beside the drop to the east.Taking advantage of the snow - this made our round trip time much quicker than if we didn't have the snow.It was windy and cold the higher we went.Wietse with the summit cairn and great views in all directions. Too bad we can't see them. :).The clouds start to lift as we descend. Hwy 40 just visible here.