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We parked right here, but you can drive another 200m if you have a narrow vehicle.Yep. This is red neck country...Past the huge boulder / cairn, walking on an ATV track.The south peak of Twin Peaks comes into view - but our line trends climber's left around the forested bump at center left before abutting that ridge.The cut line we followed on ascent before re-joining the logging road. On descent we just stayed on the road.We passed under and on climber's left of this boulder field on ascent. On descent we took the road which avoids this section.Light bushwhacking before hitting the road again.A lovely day as we re-gain the road.Breaking tree line we finally spot our destination at center - the high point of Cabin Ridge.Looking south at the south end of Cabin Ridge from our abutting ridge.Ascending the access ridge to Cabin Ridge.You can see the 'road' we followed across boulder slopes to the north / south peak col.Looking back at our 'abutment' ridge that we came from.We followed a trail towards Cabin Ridge on the south side of the abutment ridge.The traverse to the col was a bit tedious on slick rocks.Looking back at the abutment ridge that we used to access Cabin Ridge.At the col - horribly windy here!Wietse ascends to the main summit of Cabin Ridge.