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A familiar bike ride through the Shark xcountry ski area.Although damp, it was a beautiful morning with mist rising off the vegetation in the early morning sun.Mount Currie is in sight rising at right. We still have a long ways to go into the valley at distant left before tackling the SE slopes.A nice morning walk through the forest along the Spray River.Glacier LilyThe regular crossing for Currie Creek is right here. I went pockets-deep before turning back.Our escape across Currie Creek. Right where Phil is the water was deeper than my 120cm poles could reach. And that log is slick too.The trail is faint but the path through the forest is surprisingly wide for most of the White Man Pass trail.A nice meadow along the White Man Pass trail.How cool is that? An ax-hewn tree from trail clearing efforts a long time ago.Finally coming around to the flats on the south side of Mount Currie. An outlier of Warre at left and Currie at right.Massive avalanche paths on the south face of Currie. Our route went up to the snow patch left of center, cutting left just before the snow and then across 2 or 3 more avy paths before getting into theLots of avy paths to choose from.The vegetation can be thick on avy paths.Glacier Lillies out in full.Steep and vegetated - but at least not with alders.LarkspurStickseedThese Mylar balloons are showing up everywhere in the backcountry nowadays.Flowers on the avalanche slopes.