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He's hard to spot - but there's a massive grizzly in this photo!Brilliant fall color around Zigadenus and Myosotis Lakes - we returned via these lakes but the larches were already half done only 1.5 days later thanks to frost and wind!One last photo of fall brilliance before the camera goes back in the pack.Our cozy camp at Red Deer Lakes.Not going to keep the pants / boots clean today.Shingle Flats with Drummond Creek coming in from the left to the Red Deer River on the right. Pipestone Peak on the left, Drummond on the right.The impressive east wall of Pipestone / Cyclone peaks with the Drummond Icefield in the distance.We chose the first and most obvious gully and it was the correct one.Stupdenous morning views looking back at Douglas (L) and Cyclone (R).Getting higher on the moraines above Shingle Flats.The moraines were surprisingly soft.From L to R, Oyster Peak, Ptarmigan, Pika and Skoki.Looking back at Mount Douglas.This is the gully to the false summit. It's much, much longer than you'd think both in person and by looking at this photoPhil takes over for a while.Drummond Tarn with Mount Douglas beyond.Kicking steps.Now we're really up there - just starting the final push to the false summit now.Looking back from very near the false summit. Douglas Lake visible at the left and you can see how high we are now relative to the tarn below.The main summit is still a ways off. Drummond Lake at lower right.