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Finally across the Sheep River and working my way up the trail - looking back.The wide road is obvious and gains height steadily - this is looking back.The road dips to a stream ahead, this is where you look to the right for an overgrown but obvious road heading up into the bush.Looking back at the approach road (R) and left at the overgrown trail you want to follow.The road is mostly obvious - what a lovely day to be out and about.When the road ends there is probably a trail under the snow but I followed pink ribbons.The upper ridge flattens out but I had to deal with a lot of deadfall there. Thank goodness for a highway of pink ribbons!Finally out of the trees, the summit bump ahead.Vern on the summit of Hoffman, enjoying the great weather and views to the west.The views to the west include Highwood, Shunga-la-she, Gibraltar, Burns, Bluerock and Ware. Even Missinglink is on the right.Shunga-la-she was another November summit almost exactly two years ago.Another great summit panorama looking up the Sheep River to Gibraltar - another mountain on my "todo" list.Gibraltar Mountain is impressive from this side. Mist Mountain on the distant left and Storm on the right.Mount Burns.Bluerock Mountain is very stately.