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Mount Sarrail over the Upper Kananaskis Lake trail. Foch is out of sight at left.Nice morning views over Kananaskis Lakes towards Mount Putnik.The trail around the Upper Kananaskis Lake is nice in the early morning lighting.Mount Indefatigable across the lake.A gorgeous morning.The "shortcut" trail into Hidden Lake is a bit manky in spots.The shortcut trail into Hidden Lake is well defined but less used.Hidden Lake is filled to the brim - hence taking the trail around it in forest.The trail around Hidden Lake is in good shape.Views back over a very full Hidden Lake towards Mount Indefatigable.The steep grunt up to the headwall guarding the upper Foch Creek valley.Views back to Hidden Lake.Fossil Falls along Foch Creek.Fossil Falls along Foch Creek.Two folks ahead of me heading for the headwall.Fossil Falls along Foch Creek.The headwall into the Foch Creek / Aster Lake region is stiffer due to snow.Views back to Hidden and Upper Kananaskis Lake.The trail continues at left, Fossil Falls at lower right.Following the Aster Lake approach trail.