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This is where we started our trip.A blurry Grizzly!Just after encountering the bear, we continue on slopes above the stream to the left.The going was pretty easy at first.The going was pretty easy at first.The going was pretty easy at first.Starting to get into some heavy fireweed whacking.I've never encountered such deep fireweed before! The fact that it was soaking wet didn't help either.We spot another party whacking their way up the climber's right side of the stream.The area is beautiful and punishing at the same time!Approaching the headwall that will take us above tree line and into the hanging valley west of Mount Ball.Haffner Creek gushes down the headwall.The worst of the approach is now over, looking back from the lower headwall down Haffner Creek.Looking up the headwall terrain and taking a break now that the worst bushwhacking is done.Another look down Haffner Creek from higher up the headwall. We descended Stanley the next day via the slope on the right.Above the headwall. We thought of camping here but you should go past tree line towards Ball (center) to find a really good bivy spot.