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Mons Peak with Mars brightly lit at left and even a meteor showing up.Looking back at Mike and towards the Lyells as we work our way up to the toe of the North Glacier in predawn darkness.Morning slowly breaks around us.Gorgeous lighting back on Mons, Division and the Lyells (L to R) as we gain height on the North Glacier.Forbes is finally in sight (L) with signs of blowing snow at it's summit. Rosita lit up with alpenglow at right.The Lyell Icefield.Some pretty big holes on the North Glacier (L) as we thread our way up.Approaching the NW face through a small serac field caused by falling ice from Rosita's glaciated east face to our right.It's a steep grind up the NW face!Looking down our ascent tracks over the schrund and down to the North Glacier.High up on the NW face, nearing the west ridge.Mike and Anton bypassing the rock band on the west ridge, just beneath the summit shoulder.Bypassing the rock back on the west ridge.Breaking up onto the summit shoulder above the rock band that we bypassed on snow.The terrain around the rock band is steep and somewhat exposed. The scenery is already breathtaking.Anton and Mike ascending the end of the snow arete that leads to the final summit slopes (visible at upper right)It looks much more mellow than it was, this is looking back at Mike on the snow arete - Anton and I have already cleared the soft wind slab / corniceMike approaches the summit of Mount Forbes!