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Heading down to the Leval col, looking ahead to the NW ridge, the bowl that I traversed under the false summit (r) and the true summit to the left.At the col, looking up at the NW ridge. I was initially going to ascend to the false summit but on reaching the ridge I traversed the bowl insteadLooking ahead to the summit block and getting nervous. That doesn't look 'easy' or particularly 'safe'!The terrain around the summit block is complex and 5th class when approached from the west ridge. I could not find a safe way through it.More of the loose terrain I ended up on.I thought I could possibly descend a hundred meters and go up one of the obvious cracks in the cliff bands guarding a route up the south slopes to the summit.Main summit of Leval on the left, Leman over the lake with the small pocket glacier and the false summit on the far right.More of Leman Lake with Sir Douglas in the background.Views across the Spray River towards Mount Sir Douglas are very respectable from Leval.Pano from the false summit showing the Royal Group in the distance at left, Sharkfin, Solderholm, White Man, Alcantara, Aye, Assiniboine and VavasourA stunning view of Sharkfin PeakAye and Assiniboine over White Man Pass.Vavasour from the descent ridge on Leval.Looking back at the summits of Leval from the Vavasour col.Looking back at the summits of Leval from the Vavasour col.A gorgeous tarn near White Man Mountain that drains to an impressive waterfall.Descending back to our little piece of paradise.Grizzlies like this little gem of wilderness too. Hopefully we don't have to share it - 'cause there's not much room here!Our camp and the lake after the second day - much calmer and clearer.Still time to read a book after bagging Warre and Vavasour.