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Eric descends the south summit ridge as our long traverse spreads out in front of him and the day dawns clear and calm.Eric makes his way onto the Monchy icefield from the descent ridge of Amery.The ridge curves left over more 'bumps' than are visible here before curving around to the right (west) and then back up Hooge and Monchy to the North.An icefall carves off the Monchy Icefield.We had to make our way over many intermittent high points on the ridge.Eric makes his way along the ridge Hooge and Monchy on the upper right with Lyells just peaking over the col between them.Looking to the north at Mount Saskatchewan - Sunwapta at the far right.We watched in amazement as a large part of the east face of Willerval collapsed into the Amery Creek valley below!Still a long way to go, but a glorious day to do it on!Hooge and Monchy.We had to be a bit cautious for crevasses with the fresh snowfall on the glacier but generally we could see where they wereLooking back at Amery from the south end of the Monchy Icefield.Mount Columbia shows up beside Monchy.Starting up to Hooge.The impressive cwm funneling into the Lyell approach valley from the south end of the Monchy Icefield.Eric at the low point before we ascend Hooge Peak.Which bump is it?! Oppy on the left, Alexandra at center left..The first people to lay eyes on this register since it was placed in 1948! (By F.D. Ayres, J.C. Oberlin, D.M. Woods)