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Looking up at a narrow, cliffy area of the slope.I managed to find a pretty easy route down the cliffs by contouring back east a bit.Looking down Caudron Creek at lower left, across the slabby terrain you might encounter depending where exactly you leave the creek.Looking up at the west ridge from near Caudron Creek.Looking up the west ridge to the summit.Phil and the imposing summit of Caudron - reminding me of Mount Weed a bit.Phil comes up the broad lower west ridge of Caudron with Crowsnest Mountain at left and the Ward / Window / Allison group at right in the background.A very impressive view of Centre Peak at left and Caudron at upper right.Great views back along the west ridge of Caudron as we get higher. Caudron Creek at lower left.The final 150 vertical meters to the summit.We had to descend this easy rise on the ridge.The ridge gets steep and loose.Phil starts working his way up towards the pinnacle and chimney at upper left.Great views north (L), east (C) and south (R) off the summit. Centre Peak at far left.Looking south towards the Castle / Crown Wilderness.Looking east over the prairies towards the Oldman Reservoir.A great view over the west ridge of Caudron (L) and Centre Peak (R).