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The terrain immediately north of the summit forced us back out onto the west slabs.The false summit of Owl at right with the big Assiniboine peaks showing off at left.Looking back at the summit of Morrison - the ridge is pretty intimidating! I can't believe I was thinking about doing this peak with Turner, loaded with snow.A nanny goat with her kid.Find the goats (lower left). What a wild scene this was - imagine no wind except for a gentle, cool breeze, exposure and vistas such as this.The high points in between Morrison and Owl added up after a while but did provide a great high level traverse and more time with stunning views.Some surprising exposure on the traverse. The options were exposure or steep slabs with scree to our left. We stuck on the crest with good success.Reaching a high point on the traverse.Looking the other way now - Owl Peak isn't that close anymore but the route looks feasible.Looking back along our traverse from Morrison with now-familiar views of the Spray Lakes and Burstall Pass peaks completing the panorama.Phil and our next objective rising in shadow. Note the lower cliff band on the east nose of the peak - this was the crux.One last giant pano before turning off the high point towards Owl Peak, Morrison now in the distance at left.Owl Peak finally looks like a proper mountain! The crux is starting to look like a 'crux' too, but it proved much easier than it appears.At the col, looking up at the crux. We ascended up the shallow gully on the nose to just below the patch of snow where we traversed left and then right again, above the snow.Looking back at Mount Morrison.Mount Turner from just above the crux.Looking back at Morrison (L) and Byng (R).There were a lot of wildflowers along our traverse - even though it's high alpine.Phil on the ridge to the summit.Looking back at Morrison (L) and Byng (R).