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Looking at the traverse - we'd go right here through bush.Hiking up the lower part of a drainage - we'd have to eventually cut further climber's right to another ridge from here.Looking down our rising, bushwhack approach which comes from somewhere bottom left.Finally getting close to the correct ridge - to the far right.Kev scrambles up towards the 'rock gate'.Views to the east over Southfork towards Table (L) belie the weather to the west.From left to right, Table, Whistler, Gladstone, Victoria, Castle, Windsor and Southfork across the West Castle RiverThe 'rock gate' is ahead.Looking down through the 'gate'.Looking back to the north over Suicide and Gardiner Creeks to the small foothills and prairie.The other two summits of Syncline from just under the east summit.Incredible mood lighting over Gravenstafel and Haig - to the right of the Castle Mountain Resort in the valley below.Table, Whistler, Gladstone, Victoria, Castle, Windsor and Southfork in the foreground.Views to the west include Hellebeke (L) and McCarty (R).The weather doesn't look great at this point! Gravenstafel and Haig at left and St. Eloi at far right.It's almost impossible to tell which of the three summits of Syncline are highest without GPS measurements.Starting our traverse to St. Eloi - the first obstacle is a pinnacle on the ridge between the east and south summit.