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Preparing to hike out of our camp at Baker Lake in early morning light.These guys are better scramblers than most!Loose terrain from Ptarmigan Lake to the first ridge.Jon comes up the first (north) ridge.Looking across the bowl from the north ridge to the far NW ridge (R) that we have to use to access the summit.Jon comes up the broad shoulder on the NW ridge that leads to the summit.Across the bowl, looking up the NW ridge to the summit.The fun scrambling terrain under the summit on the NW ridge.Fun scrambling on the NW ridge to the summit.Fun scrambling on the NW ridge to the summit.Bident, Quadra and Mount Fay (L to R).72 hours ago we were starting the Kane Skoki scrambles from Hidden Lake. From L to R, Richardson, Pika and Ptarmigan.Temple, Little Temple, Hungabee, Sheol, Haddo, Aberdeen, Lefroy, Victoria, Victoria North, Whyte, Niblock and Piran.Lychnis rises over Anthozoan at left with Bonnet at distant right.Mount Douglas (L) and St. Bride (R).Vern and Jon on the summit of Redoubt.Vern and Jon on the summit of Redoubt.Summit cairn with Lake Louise and Mount Victoria in the bg.