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Mount McCarty from the Lost Creek Road.Wildflowers.Oxeye Daisies are not native to Alberta.Oxeye Daisies are not native to Alberta.Mount McCarty over the Carbondale River at the end of the Lost Creek Road.KC on the bridge over the Carbondale River. This road leads to North Kootenay Pass and Hollebeke.Andrew (Nugara), Brad and Dave (McMurray) pass us on bikes - headed for Hollebeke.A small birds nest hidden in a bush along the road.Wildflowers and Mount McCarty.Mount McCarty over the Hollebeke Mountain Road.McCarty over the road.A trail through the forest.A trail through the forest.The outflow creek from the unnamed lake.A trail through the forest.Foliage.Foliage.Forest hiking.A very old trail - note the cut logs.A trail through the forest.