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Crossing a (mostly!) frozen Sheep River.Ascending the Wolf Creek Trail from the Sheep River. This is by far the most snow / ice I was on all day.Crossing a boggy area (frozen) with some oddly random fencing that accomplishes very little IMHO.Coming out at the meadow between Wolf Creek Hill, Channel Ridge, Blue Ridge and Mount Dyson.The outfitter's tent at left and Wolf Creek Hill above on the right. Channel Ridge out of sight at right.A prominent Chinook arch and surprisingly good views from the lowly Wolf Creek Hill summit. Channel Ridge at far left with Blue Ridge and Dyson to the right of it.A lonely tree near the summit with the Chinook arch. Mountains in the distance include Junction and Pyriform.Starting down the SE end of Wolf Creek Hill towards Wolf Creek and the north end of Channel Ridge above.After crossing Wolf Creek, this is looking back along the ATV track that climbs steeply up the north end of Channel Ridge.I followed some tracks briefly and got excited about the ribbons until I realized they were surveyors ribbons and the trails were random animal tracks!I love these aspen forests and the grassy slopes that usually accompany them.A gorgeous, still morning to be hiking solo in the front ranges.Another lonely tree - this one near the north summit of Channel Ridge. Wolf Creek Hill is far below here on the left.Tele shot of Pyriform (L) and Junction Mountain (R).Panorama of familiar Kananaskis Peaks including (L to R), Bluerock, Cougar, Rose, Threepoint.Nice views from the north summit of Channel Ridge.An ATV track along the entire length of Channel Ridge makes for very easy and pleasant hiking.Gibraltar is always easily recognizable.