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Great views looking up valley towards Ball.Our access to Ball / Beatrice right of center and descent from Beatrice at center down to the R.The pavement layers were fascinating.Grunting on scree towards the waterfall / gully access to the Beatrice / Ball col just right of center.The views looking back are starting to get impressive too.So scrambles the waterfall section.So scrambles the waterfall section.Looking down the waterfall - don't want to slip here!The terrain here is huge - it's further than it looks to the col from the waterfall.Scree grunt.It's a heckuva slope above the waterfall!It's a heckuva slope above the waterfall!It's a heckuva slope above the waterfall!Great views from the Beatrice / Ball col. Ball at upper left, Beatrice just oos to the right.Lots of airy exposure up here!Lots of airy exposure up here!The bump on the ridge is easily passed en route to the summit at left.Incredible views already, looking back at the Beatrice col with Beatrice in the bg and Stanley at left.Note the cairn on the bump at left.